Bars and Melody TEEN SPIRIT TOUR


BARS AND MELODY are coming back to Poland with Teen Spirit Tour. Polish Bambinos will be able to see them in 4 cities next month..Boys will play new songs from Teen Spirit mini album, as well as their earlier songs.

Main supporting act will be ROOM 94, shows will open winner of Fanta Future Young Stars – Dominika Sozańska and Weronika Juszczak.

Tickets on sale on 30.08.2016, 16:00 hr at and Empik stores.

299 zł Meet&Greet with Bars And Melody (general admittance included): 17:00
99 zł general admittance:. 19:00

Tickets are limited to 4/buyer. Instant payment required..

Age below 12 must be accompanied by adult.
12-18 written permission required.

Promoter: MyMusic
Partner: MonseArt Music

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