ALL THE SHELTERS 2013 Summer Tour (24/07 Cracow & 25/07 Warsaw)

All the Shelters is a five-piece Metalcore / Post-Hardcore band that’s always up for a party! They play a Spicy and manifold metalcore… ATS has one and only goal : set the fire on stages as much as possible, meet lots and lots of people and bring their music to you!
The band put a 6 tracks EP out in 2011, entitled “Reach”. … On March 2012, the first video clip was released.  The band signed with Redfield Digital (sub label of Redfield Record) for the re-release of their new EP LIFETIME in may 2013.
This summer the band will play twice in Poland:
  • 2013-07-24 – Kraków, Kot Karola [ + Inward Effect (DE) + Past Say Memories (PL)]
  • 2013-07-25 – Warszawa, InDecks MusiClub [ +Nongore Hell (PL) + Threads of Moira (PL)]


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