5Angels about the new single and beeing in a band


How did you girls met?

Nikki: We knew each other from a dancing club when we were litltle. Only Natalie who joined us quite recently, but she fit in perfectly.

When do you decided to found a band?

Nikki: We always joked with the girls about having a band. It was always our big dream. We tried an audition and we all were successful.

How did it start with the music?

Angee: We were singing, dancing and playing instruments since we were very little. Basicaly we grew up with music.

How did you get the bandname 5Angels?

Tereza: We were thinking about the name for about a week. We had a few favourites but we somehow stick with the angels and since we are 5 we called us 5Angels.

Do you write some songs yourself or do you take songwriters?

Veronica: We didnt at the beggining. Now we are working with professional songwriters and we can talk with them about it. We can say our opinions and so on, so its kind of a mutual cooperation.

How long does it take to create a new song?

Natalie: For example our latest single Long Lost Weekend took about 3 months until we felt its good. Its a long process, but its well worth it.

Where do the ideas for new songs come from?

Angee: From everyday life, friends, school.

Do you play instruments? If yes, which?

Nikki: I play acoustic guitar and piano. But I dont have much time for practice lately. But I love to just sit with a guitar sometime at home.

Natalie: I also play guitar, but electric one.

Tereza: I also play Piano.

Angee: I used to play violin, but as Nikki said, we dont usually have much time for practice.

Who are your role models?

Nikki: I love Taylor Swift and 5SOS

Veronica: My role model is Katy Perry, she is amazing.

Angee: I like One Direction. And Union J, we toured with them in UK and they are super fun.

What are your biggest dreams?

5A: We all have a mutual dream to be successfull and to perform in big venues and inspire all teenagers with our music.

How do you manage the music carrer and the school?

5A: We all go together to the same high school Michael, wich is very supportive for us. We study production and management and we enjoy it very much. When we are travelling we study together and we take it very responsibly.

You came around pretty much already. What was the most beautiful you visited?

5A: We enjoyed Berlin very much. We also love to remember our tour across UK and Ireland. Ireland a beautiful country.

How you keep in touch with family and friends in the Czech Republic?

Tereza: There isnt much time to be honest, we try our best to meet with everyone when we are back home.

What are you doing next to the music. What are your hobbys?

Nikki: I love to dance and sport in general. I also love going to the cinemas.

Angee: I love shopping 🙂

Natalie: I love animals, so Im spending a lot of time in nature when I can. And shopping aswell. 🙂

What was the most experience in your band career so far?

5A: Our tour with Union J and ROOM 94 across UK and Ireland. Our performance in full Wembley Arena along with Little Mix and our festivals in UK, when we met Jessie J, Rita Ora and James Arthur.

Each girl has a lot of things in the handbag. Without what three things you never go out the house?

Nikki: My phone, wallet and keys. 😀

Angee: I always carry my purse when I have phone, wallet, some make up.

What are your dream jobs, apart from singing?

Nikki: I would always want to be somehow involved in showbusiness, maybe with the movie industry, production.

Angee: I think I would enjoy working in the media, some magazine maybe.

What´s the story behind your Song Long Lost Weekend?

5A: Its about a girl who made a mistake in a relationship and is apoligizing to the boy, trying to get him back.

With which artist you like to work together?

Nikki: I would love if we had a duet with Ariana Grande or Taylor Swift.

Angee: Duet with One Direction would be amazing too!

Tereza: And Little Mix, we have met them in London and they are amazing, we had great fun together.

You call your fans „cherubs“. What does it means?

5A: Cherubs are little angels, so since we are called 5Angels it does make sense. But our fans came with that name themselves.

5 Angels was foundet in 2007. You are between 13 and 16 years old and already can look back at eight years of band history. How does that feel?

5A: We are from 15 – 17 now, but it doesnt really feel any weird. We have been growing up together. Only lately there is lot of stuff around us happening. But we enjoy it very much, our fans, travelling together. Its amazing.

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