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Whispers in the Shadow was formed by Ashley Dayour (Voice, Guitars) back in the days of early summer 1996. The Band Name was inspired by a story from H.P.Lovecraft: The Whisperer in the Dark.

After beginning as a very 80’s inspired band, with drum computer sequences and a melodic bass guitar, this project turned into an individual band, which is now described by the press as “Post Gothic Rock”. In the meantime the band has included a “real” drummer in their line-up and became famous for their obvious live qualities. The partly furious, partly sad guitars meet booming bass sounds, thunderous drums and psychedelic keyboards – Above all Ashley’s voice, bursting with emotion. To date they released 6 studio, 2 live and 1 remix albums Throughout the years Ashley’s lyrics, originally inspired by authors like Philip K. Dick or H.P. Lovecraft, also found there own identity. Strongly influenced by occult writers such as Austin Osman Spare, Aleister Crowley or Kenneth Grant (amongst many others) Ashley’s main purpose of the lyrics is to create images in the head of the listener.

Since 1999 Whispers in the Shadow were constantly touring throughout Europe. They also performed at numerous festivals such as MERA LUNA, WAVE GOTIK TREFFEN, SUMMER DARKNESS, NCN amongst many others. Whispers in the Shadow have never been afraid of breaking boarders and exploring new sounds and new ways of song writing as well as improvising on stage. More than once they played stunning epic versions of songs hiting the 15min mark.

In 2008 they released their 5th studio album Into the Arms of Chaos which was the first one of a 4 album concept based on the 4 alchemistic phases of transformation. This album was produced by John A. Rivers, also known for his work with artists such as Dead can Dance, Clan of Xymox or Love & Rockets.

In early 2010 they released the 2nd part of this epic conceptual work: The Eternal Arcane, followed in 2011 with their first full lenght live DVD, Searching for Light and the 6 track EP The Lightbringer another conceptual release about the fallen archangel Lucifer.

2013 was another busy work for Whispers in the Shadow, the band gave us next part of the cycle titled The Rites of Passage and live album If Wormwood Falls.

current line-up:

Ashley Dayour – vocals, guitars
Martin Acid – keyboards
Fork – bass
Lazy Schulz – guitar (live)
Reinhard Schwarzinger – drums

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