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Siddharta formed in 1995. Their debut album ID topped the charts instantly on its release in 1999. This success was topped with their 2001 release Nord and dwarfed by their 2003 release Rh-, which was closely followed by a completely-sold out Stadium Bežigrad concert (30.000+ visitors). Petrolea (2006) followed with its distinct production approach and in December 2009 Saga was released.

Saga was their first record that was not produced in Slovenia but rather in Los Angeles by none other than Ross Robinson, who would return to his post two years later in 2011 for their 6th album VI (You), which was recorded live in front of and with their fans at Stadium Stožice performance. Other releases: Silikon Delta (2002, remix album of Siddharta’s songs remixed by the likes of Laibach, DJ Umek, Random Logic, Valentino Kanzyani, …), Izštekani (2007, unplugged performance), Maraton (2007), Stadion Stožice (2011, DVD).

Siddharta is well known for their exceptional live performances, which comes as no surprise with more than 300 live gigs under their belt. They perform with same passion in small clubs and large venues. Their shows have become known, almost without exception, to be sold-out or at least very close to. The band also performed outside of Slovenia (Croatia, Serbia, Austria, Germany, Poland, Sweden, …).

Live milestones; 2002 concert with RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra in Križanke, in 2003 they performed at Stadium Bežigrad (sold out, 30.000 + visitors), in 2005 the band decided to do something special for their fans and performed for well over 5 hours at their sold-out Marathon concert, in 2011 Stadium Stožice (11.000+ visitors).

current lineup:

Tomi M. – vocal, guitar
Boštjan M. – drums
Primož B. – guitar
Jani H. – bass
Tomaž O. R. – keyboards

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