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RoadTrip Mikey, Brooklyn, Andy and Rye are Brand new British Boyband RoadTrip Originating from Bristol, Essex, Manchester, Glastonbury and Ireland
Created By Manager Blair Dreelan ( ‘Union J’ / ‘Bars and Melody’ / ‘Harvey’ ) RoadTrip are a New British Boyband Created via a Trial Process and a Youtube show called RoadTrip TV .Over 500 applicants became 19 Trialist. Over 13 months 19 boys were trailed and filmed all living in the same house set up as a tour bus and Eliminated to become a 5 piece boyband. RoadTrip’s online presence has grown so fast in the U.K. that with never even doing a single show, they sold out their own headline Tour playing the U.K and Ireland at the End of the summer 2016. Teenage girls in the U.K and around the Globe have built up such a dedicated following for the band that when the boys did a meet and greet they shutdown Leicester Square London.  Now as the British Representatives and Fresh off the Boys 2nd U.K Headline show the Future looks Like an awesome kick start for RoadTrip
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