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2008. At that time nobody of five persons, which at present are forming the group called Envia, supposed that this small brooklet closed in four, tight underground walls soon would turn into the rapid stream. There were no ready ideas for the band, cheerful nicknames or impressive music experience. And there was especially no solid bandmates, thanks to which it would be possible to achieve a desirable stability and do a step forward.

But there was something else what allowed – after many perturbations, adventures and of course, thanks to the hard work – to look ahead with hope. There was alarming musical blend, craving for playing, unmet ambition and the will to fight, which in combination with the large dose of accident resulted in completing this five madmen band with different personalities, characters and the look at world.

In June 2011 came out first EP of the group called Nothing Is Real. Also first concerts started appearing – because the concerts actually the thing, that gives the real image of the band. Envia had a chance so far to play in various places in Poland among such bands like Hunter, Turbo or Totentanz.

At the same time very good reviews of the first EP came out in the press – in Polish Metal Hammer, Magazyn Gitarzysta, in online music service Rockella.pl and many others. What’s more – the only song in Polish language, so far registered – “m.e.” – ended up at 7th place in Radio Orbit hitlist of 2011.

For ENVIA every concert is a win and next motivation for improving skills. Every moment on the stage is a success. With energy and with individual approach, combining different styles – that’s how ENVIA looks like. There is a blow and there is also a melody – there is an original image and a bit of mystery – there is an attention for every detail.

Recently, in January, on Friday the 13th, right after 13:13, the first video of the group saw the daylight. It was made for the song „A” and in less than a week it exceeded more than a thousand views in YouTube service.

What next? Hard work to be better and better, but first of all, recording the material for the first full album which is being scheduled for the second half of 2013.

current line-up:

Crow’u – guitars
K7 – guitars
Bob – bass
Daimon – drums
Delta – vocals

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