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The band was created in 2008 by Dawid Wajszczyk III (vocals, guitars) and Kamil Biadała (bass). Current Black Radio line-up consists also of: Kuba Kubiak (guitars), Franek Stępień (guitars) and Szymon Płaski Płaska (drums).

This is how Dawid reminds beginnings of the band: The band was formed in 2008. In the very beginning there were two of us: myself and Kamil, my friend from primary school. The first rehearsal we had was in music store in Łódź, and we’ve been playing store’s guitars. I always wanted to be the frontman, so I asked Kamil to play bass, after that we’ve been looking for a drummer.

 First ever live show of Black Radio was in early 2009,  during WOŚP. We played more than 100 concerts since this time.

Most important Black Radio live shows were:

  • XXII Zimowa Giełda Piosenki – Opole (good notes from the jury)
  • Szok & Roll in Szamotuły  (Grand Prix)
  • Widzew’s M<usic Fall in Łódź (best singer and best guitarist prizes)
  • two big tours with ROOM 94 from UK (summer of 2013 and spring of 2014)
  • X-Factor (2014, nomination to phase three of the show)
  • RIMFest 2014 (1st prize)
  • Jarocin Festival 2014 (jury commendation)
  • Rock Piotrcovia Festival 2014 (1st prize)
  • Rock’n’Tur Festival 2014 (1st prize)
  • One Life Festival 2014 (headline show)
  • Must Be The Music (2015 grand finale)
  • Around The Rock Festival 2015 (1st prize)

Black Radio’s music is a kind of mix of guitar rock and indie. Dawid’s inspirations are bands like: Queens Of The Stone Age, Them Crooked Vultures, Foo Fighters, My Chemical Romance and Jack White.  Due to Dawid’s words  Black Radio’s lyrics are: …about the human nature and its’ mysteries. They are my thoughts about our generation and I hope we’ll help our fans to discover and understand themselves. I’m singing mainly about what annoys me.

Black Radio debut album, Gasoline Planet, has been released 6th June 2014, and it has been promoted by Gasoline Planet Tour 2014, Black Radio performed 11 times during the tour. They were supported by several bands from Poland and UK The tour will continue this fall, Black Radio will play several shows in Poland, Czech and United Kingdom.

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